MacBooks Rent & Buy out
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Why do I need to rent MacBook with overpayment if I can buy it at once?
Apple4Teams - it's not about money, it's about approach. It's kind a comparison between your own office (you buy it at once, it's expensive and takes a lot of your working capital, and you have to deal with maintenance every day or repair by your own, and it takes your time constantly) and any coworking - it's ready to use, it has a lot of services, you don't need to deal with any troubles, it's flexible to manage and adopt to your needs, and you do not own it so you may change location or increase area at once. MacBooks rent is suitable for companies that don't want to possess any stuff or equipment. Much easier to rent than buy and start thinking about maintenance, depreciation, repair, manage the equipment when your staff is fired or how to sell used laptops etc. Apple4Teams - it's about service not about price comparison.
Why are there so few laptop models?
We present the best models with best performance to satisfy your requirements. This way it allows to decrease delivery costs and terms.
May I pay for subscription from my bank account abroad?
Sure. We send you the invoice and you may pay from your bank account according to our contract.
May I order the iMac?
Sure but you have to order 10 iMacs at least.
May I buy the MacBook out?
Yes. There is an arranged price for every model after 2 or 3 years in use.
May I order the iPad?
If you have made the order for 10 MacBooks at least you may order any iPads quantity
How long it takes to deliver my order?
Delivery term for Ukraine is up to 3 business days. It depends on quantity of laptops in your order

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